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Selling Guide

Sellers in the Tampa Bay area can expect to receive some of the highest prices in Florida for their homes. However, the correct steps must be followed to do so. This guide will take you through those steps.

Partner with a local real estate agent
   ✓ Work with an agent that knows the local market and understands your goals for your next steps. Good realtors are everywhere. Great realtors are those that possess the innovative tips, tools, marketing, and negotiation strategies to get your home sold. Guess which one you get with Kelly Peart.

Home preparation
  ✓ Remember that Do-It-Yourself project that you started working on a year ago and never quite finished? Now is the time to complete it. Incomplete homes sell for incomplete prices. It's a simple fact. Understand which improvements will net you the most money. Your agent may guide you to get a home inspection so that you can address possible issues before they are found by a buyer's inspector and they can be factored into the asking price. Declutter and clean like a maniac. Staged homes sell for more money in less time. Your home should be at its best when selling.

Determine a fair price
 The absolute most important decision to be made is the asking price. It is the key to getting the most offers in the shortest time period. An overpriced house will ensure that buyers ignore your house. An underpriced house will cost you future investment dollars. A quality agent will perform a home equity analysis and set a competitive price based on current market data.

Receiving offers
  ✓ Your real estate agent will walk you through the offers received including price and terms. You will then decide whether to accept the offer or to decline and issue a counteroffer. Once the offer negotiation has taken place and both the seller and buyer have signed and accepted the offer then the closing process can begin.

Closing the transaction
  ✓ After the contract is signed, the buyer will deposit money into escrow and the buyer's due diligence period will begin. The due diligence period is performed by the lender, title company, and inspectors. The seller is responsible for cooperating with the buyer to enable a smooth transaction.

Finally, on the closing date, the buyer gives the seller money and the seller gives the buyer the property title/deed. 

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